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Enchanting Mauritius

Mauritius Island

Located off the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, the idyllic island of Mauritius is a remarkably romantic holiday destination.


One major highway runs north to south, otherwise a good network of paved, if sometimes narrow, roads cover the island. There are numerous car hire firms include major international and independent firms. People in Mauritius drive on the left-hand side of the road.

Taxis are regulated and metered and linked to provinces or hotels, printed on a yellow panel on the drivers’ door. Bus and taxi services are best used in urban areas. Bicycles and motorbikes are also available for hire.


The hottest time of the year on Mauritius is December / March when you can expect temperatures of 30 degrees C (approx. 90 F) but with less humidity. There is always a breeze from the ocean however so that most people will find it pleasant. Cyclones (tropical storms) can also occurr during this period.

For those people who do not enjoy warm weather or want a more active holiday, we recommend going in July/August when the temperature is 24-26 C. On the coast the temperature can go down to 16-18 C during the night so that we recommend taking a pullover.

As you can see the variation of temperature on Mauritius is small such that enjoyable holidays can be spent there at any time of the year. Although the weather is normally sunny it does rain. The rain showers are normally short and are a pleasant change from the sun.


Men can usually spend most of the time in short trousers unless you want to enter a hotel for the evening, in this case long trousers are required. Additionally the maid in the house washes and returns clothes by the next day so that you do not need to take much with you. Do not overload your suitcase with unnecessary clothes. Leave some room for any shopping that you do on Mauritius.

Mauritius has a well advanced textile industry so that instead of taking all your holiday clothes with you might consider buying them locally on the local market. The shops are full of ready to wear polo shirts, T-shirts, shorts, shirts, trousers, pullovers, dresses and beachwear at low prices.

Disposable nappies for babies cost about 2 times the price on Mauritius as they do in Europe. We recommend either taking enough with you or taking nappies which the maid can wash.

Good to Know

Indian Ocean island nation
Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for Tanzanian, Indian & British passport holders.
Languages spoken
Creole, English and French
Currency used
Mauritian rupee - MUR
Area (km2)
2,040 km2 (790 sq mi)