Maldives Honeymoon: Constance Halaveli

Maldives Honeymoon: Constance Halaveli

As I sit here reflecting on my honeymoon in the Maldives, I can’t help but feel grateful for the memories we created. From the moment we arrived at Constance Halaveli, we knew we were in for a treat. The staff greeted us with warm smiles and cool drinks, and we were escorted to our beach villa.

The villa was spacious, elegantly decorated, and had direct access to the soft, white sand beach. We spent the first few days lounging on the beach, soaking up the sun and listening to the sound of the waves. It was pure bliss. But soon, our adventurous side took over.

We signed up for a jet skiing tour and saw reef sharks swimming right beside us. We also took wind surfing and diving lessons, and the crystal-clear waters allowed us to see an abundance of marine life, including colorful fish and sea turtles. It was a whole new world beneath the surface.

After a few days in the beach villa, we moved to a water villa which was equally stunning, but with a different perspective. It required walking along a long jetty, but once we reached the villa, we were surrounded by turquoise waters as far as the eye could see. The sunset view from our water villa was particularly breathtaking.

We opted for half board with a different menu every day. The breakfast was so delicious that we often skipped lunch, and the dinners were even more impressive. The chefs really outdid themselves every single day.

When we weren’t soaking up the sun or exploring the waters, we played table tennis and tennis on the resort’s courts. And when the sun went down, we checked out some of the nightlife options. We particularly enjoyed the Manta Lounge which had a laid-back atmosphere and a great selection of cocktails.

Six nights was the perfect amount of time to spend on the island. It was enough time to experience everything the resort had to offer and to truly relax and recharge. We left feeling grateful for the memories and already planning our next visit.

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