SKY Diving in Zanzibar


SKY Diving in Zanzibar



Tandem Skydiving!!!

After only 30 minutes of training, and joined by one of our world class instructors, Skydive Zanzibar will get you fully prepared to experience the full thrill and excitement of skydiving in a very safe and enjoyable way!!!

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From USD 335 per person + $70 per person and get a professional full video of your experience.
Terms and conditions: To benefit this offer, book 1 night accommodation with us!


Skydive Zanzibar brings one of the worlds most incredible experiences to Zanzibar for the very first time.

Offering the once in a lifetime opportunity to both visitors and Tanzanian nationals, Skydive Zanzibar enables people of all ages to enjoy the incredible experience of skydiving over the most beautiful island in the world.

Specialising in providing skydives to First Time jumpers, Skydive Zanzibar and it’s instructors can get YOU up in the air and enjoying free fall with only 30 minutes of training. Known as a ‘Tandem Skydive’, you would be connected to a highly experienced and qualified professional who will be with you every step (or jump!) of the way.

By utilising only the most highly qualified skydive instructors and the very latest equipment from the worlds leading manufacturer, Skydive Zanzibar operates under the most rigorous regulations of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and the United States Parachute Association to provide the safest and most reputable skydive experience possible to its customers.

The team behind Skydive Zanzibar comes with over 20 years knowledge, expertise and experience of providing skydiving in over 10 different countries.

With the highest level of customer service, an impeccable and unquestionable safety record in the eyes of staff, the community and the safety and regulatory bodies, being big employer of Zanzibaris and investing in their futures and being a huge contributor of community outreach programmes, Skydive Zanzibar will become a critical and significant contributor to the local economy, the country and the region as a whole.