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Day 1 - Siem Reap
Upon arriving to Siem Reap by our Travels Guide will receive you with warm welcome and Check-Inn to the Hotel and freshen up. Lunch at Kattumaram Indian Restaurant Transfer to Hotel for rest. Grand Dinner (60 international varieties of buffet food) along with viewing Cambodian Apsara Dance in Koullen II Restaurant 08.30 pm : Tour of the day completes and Transfer to the Hotel
Day 2 -Siem Reap
07.30 am : Having Breakfast at the Hotel09.00 am :Visit the Angkor Wat, the 7th wonders of the world. Angkor Wat, in its beauty and state ofpreservation, is unrivaled. Its mightiness and magnificence bespeak a pomp and a luxury surpassingthat of a Pharaoh or a Shah Jahan, an impressiveness greater than that of Pyramids, an artisticdistinctiveness as fine as that of TajMahal.Angkor Wat was built in the first half of the 12th Century and estimated construction time of the temple is 30 years by The King Suryavarman II, dedicated this Temple to God Vishnu who is the Leader of the western cosmic region. That is why The Angkor Wat is facing West instead as the most Hindu temple facing east all over the world. We have to mind that to enter the third enclosure up to the centre tower of the Five towers of Angkor Wat, no one allowed with sleeveless top clothes. Since on those days the third enclosure used only by The King Suryavarma II , who built this Angkor Wat, the Kampucheans still respect him and for that reason not allowing the tourists not covered the upper body fully covered by proper clothes regardless of men and women) 11.30 am :Visiting Ta Prohm It was built about mid 12th century to early 13th Century (1186) by the King Jayavarman VII dedicated to his motherJayalakshmi. Ta Prohm is the largest monument in the Angkor Complex which included 260 statues of Gods, 39 Towers with Pinnacles and 566 groups of residences. The center of the monuments is reached by a series of towers connected with passages. This arrangement forms a sort of scared way into the heart of the monument.Ta Prohm is the undisputed capital of the kingdom of the Trees. Shrouded in dense jungle the temple of Ta Prohm is ethereal in aspect and conjures up a romantic aura. Fig, Banyan and KAPOK TREES SPREAD THEIR GIGANTIC ROOTS OVER STONES, PROBING WALLS and terraces apart, as their branches and leaves intertwine to form a roof over the structures. 12.30 am : Lunch at ‘Kattumaram’ Indian Restaurant02.00 pm : Visiting the Bayon Temple:-The Bayon is located in the center of the city of Angkor Thom. Bayon was built in late 12th century to early 13th century by the King Jayavarman VII dedicated to Buddhism. Even After this was known, The Bayon was erroneously connected with the city of Yasovarman I and thus dated to the ninth century. A pediment found in 1925 depicting an Avalokiteaswara identified the Bayon as a Budhist Temple. This Discovery moved the date of the monument ahead some 300 years to the late twelth century. 04.00 am : Visiting Elephant Terrace05.00 pm : Transfer to the Hotel and Freshen up for evening tour 06.30 pm : Guided walking Tour at the Night Market 07.30 pm : Dinner at ‘Kattumaram’ Indian Restaurant 08.30 pm :Transfer to the Hotels and Tour of the Day completes.
Day 3 -Siem Reap
07.00 am : Having breakfast at the Hotel 08.00 am : Start travel one hour by personal luxury coach through Phnom Kuellen mountain to visit Tousand Linga’s Valley 08.30 pm : Visiting Angkor Wat Maha Ganapathy Temple. 10.30 am :After Reaching the Valley, Get Surprise to see more than Thousand Lingas carved on the flowing river Bed more than 1000 years before.And then visiting water falls. Apart from that the Cambodians describe it as ‘Holy Water Falls and believes it cures many diseases and brings prosperity by taking holy bath on the falls, you can enjoy taking bath at the falls. If you like, Carry swim suit along with you to enjoy the falls. 12.30 pm : Start travel again to Siem Reap through Phnom Kuellan Mountain 01.30 pm : Lunch at ‘Kattumaram’ Indian Restaurant

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